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Name- Natrone Steele
Height- 6'
Weight- 227
From- Pittsburgh, PA
Titles held- WWO Heavyweight (3x)
                      WWO Tag Team (currently w/ Scab)
                      WWO Toughman
                      SCW North Carolina (currently)
                      SCW Brass Knuckles

Awards won- 1998 Most Hated
                      1998 Match of the Year
                      1998 Fued of the Year
Fav. Food- Chicken and Pasta
Fav. Color- black and steel
Fav. Bands- Hootie & the Blowfish
                     Matchbox 20
Fav. Sports Team- Steelers
Fav. Sport- Pro Wrestling
Fav. Wrestler- Natrone Steele
Toughest Opponent- Scab
Inspiration- "My family and my sport."