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Etched in Steel

Natrone's views on what's going on


Genocide, the WWO Tag Team Champions, is the finest tag team anywhere in the world. With their mixture of mystery and hard hitting, ass kicking moves, they are the pinacle of tag team wrestling. Nuclear Nightmare and Dark Justice can tear thier opponents apart in one on one action as well. I lost my first pro match to Dark Justice when he used my back to turn Nuke's crutch into a million toothpicks. Recently, in Butner, NC, me and Genocide pulled the wool over the eyes of the 45 year old rookie "Soulman". I teamed with Soulman against the duo and after taking some of the roughest bumps and bruises ever, I laid down for the masked men and took the pin. Then we proceded to stomp that guys ass. It was the funniest damned things I had ever seen. A 350lb grown man begging us to stop hurting him. He was crying and pleading, but we kept on kicking the crap out of him. It was a beautiful experience. Genocide kicks ass. Bottom line.


The Berkley Cafe is the hot spot of SCW. Located in Raliegh, NC, "the Berk" is a quaint little bar that turns into a house of pain when SCW comes to town. Last time I was at Berkley, I was at ringside when Scab took on Toad. I waxed Toad's ass with a steel chair and busted his head open. Then I powerbombed him through a barbed-wire table to help Scab get the win. Now Toad is cryin how he got screwed and demanded that he get a weapons match with me at the next Berkley show. So, on the 28th of Jan., it's Natrone Steele vs Toad and fans can bring weapons for us to use. It definately won't be pretty, but it will worth of the price of admission alone. So, if you have a car, a boat, a plane, or two damn feet......GET YOUR ASS TO THE BERK!!!!


SCW and WWO are the finest independent wrestling organizations in the world. You will find the best wrestlers, the best matches, and the overall best shows anywhere. Both use talent from the "Big Two" such as Lodi, Resse, and The Hardy Boys, but what makes these feds so good is the regulars who go out there every single time and bust ass to give the fans the most for their money. I have the utmost respect for both promoters and every wrestler that works under them. 1998 was a great year for both groups and 1999 I think will prove even more exciting, and I am thankful to be a part of it.

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