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October 31, 1999 -- last night Natrone defeated Juice and T.J. Extreme in a triangle match to become the SCW North Carolina Heavyweight Champion.

October 16, 1999 -- Natrone and Scab defeat Genocide to become the WWO Tag Team Champs.

October 4, `99 -- Natrone debuted in Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine's "PWI 500" at number 413. The "500" is a ranking of the top 500 pro wrestlers over the last year. When ask how he felt about this ranking, Natrone said that he was "honored to be included" and that "I hope I can make a tremendous improvement in that number over the next year."

Sept. 21st-- The WWO booking committee has granted Natrone and Scab a tag title match against Genocide on Oct. 16th @ the Morehead City Armory. There are also rumors that Natrone and Scab may be involved in the No Xcape Cage Match in some manner.

June 20th -- Natrone was attacked multiple times last night by Preston Quinn and his "Elite". He has reunited with his former manger Reign. During one attack, Natrone was saved by none other than SCAB and TOAD!!!

June 21st -- After an attack by Preston Quinn and his "Elite", Natrone has suffered minor muscle and tissue damage in his knee and thigh area. Also in the attack, Jonny Danger broke two bones in Natrone's right hand with a vicious shot with a crutch. The leg is said to be fully healed in 2-3 weeks while the hand taking 4-6. Natrone will continue on his regular schedule.

June 25th -- Last night Natrone wrestled Uncle Tom Kettle for the SCW Brass Knuckles Trophy in Raleigh, NC. Natrone lost due to the interference of Roger Kerr and an attack by Uncle Tom with a watermelon. Natrone suffered a mild concussion.

June 27th -- Last night Natrone wrestled Lady Killer for VCW in Yorktown, Va. The match was ruled a no-contest when both Preston Quinn and Scab got in on the action.

June 30th -- The June 24th SCW show at the Berkeley Cafe made the Raleigh News and Observer. Check it out online HERE