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So many belts, so little time.

Over the past month, I have collected the WWO Tag Titles with Scab and also the SCW North Carolina Heavyweight Title.

Hey Juice, looks like I "smoked dat ass".

Hey, don't balme me if T.J. Extreme came to the ring with a big damn target on his forehead.

Is it just me or is Scab the most generous person I have ever met? First he GIVES Toad a chair to the noggin, then he GIVES Thurston a stiff bulldog, and just the other day I saw him GIVE a rizat the gimmick.

Am I the only one that noticed that James Thurston looks like he could be Cham Pain's little retarded half-brother???

You may now call Natrone Steele.."The Legend Killer". I took Major Debeers out of wrestling, and now I have the old man's belt. If SCW wants to bring any other "legends" out of retirement, I'll kick them out of their wheelchairs too. It's time for the new breed in Professional Wrestling. If these dinosaur fossils won't quit on thier own, looks like I will just have to start taking them out.

Hey Toad, you can keep your midget, but I think Lily Pad wants to "Feel the Steele".

What the hell is a Staffsquatch?

That leads me to this edition of "Crap of the Month". This month's winner.....Toad and his circle of freaks. There is more intelligence in slice of Spam then there is in that whole group. Toad barely escaped with that SCW Heavyweight Title. It took you and every chromosome deficient crotch sniffer you had with you to beat me. Next time you won't be so lucky, punk.
And THAT my friends, is Etched in Steel

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