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May, 2000- Natrone faced the legendary Ricky Morton (of the Rock-N-Roll Express) at a USCW show in Goldsboro, NC. Later in the month Natrone turned the tables in SCW by becoming a referee and counting the pin that cost Scab the SCW Heavyweight belt.
April 8th- In Louisberg, NC the SCW Commishioner Count Grog stated that anyone who wanted at shot at Natrones' NC title could have it... at any time!!!  As an added bonus if anyone pinned him they would recieve $5,000 and Natrone would have to retire. So after a hard fought streetfight with Uncle Tom (which Steele won) Natrone was attacked several times by different wrestlers trying to make some extra cash. After surviving several of these attacks he was pinned by over ten guys. Who gets the bounty? Who gets the belt? Is Natrone retired from SCW forever?
March 2000-During an SCW  show in Raleigh, NC Natrone expressed his desire to be released from SCW due to wrestlings negative impact on his personal life. Interrupted by SCW Champion Scab and Count Grog. He was attacked and then commishioned to fight Scab that night in a "chair vs chair" match for the Heavyweight title. Due to some outside interference (and a pull of the tights) Natrone lost. However Grog quickly issued a rematch for next month when Natrone decked him.
Febuary, 2000-Natrone is locked in a nasty feud between the "old school" and the "new school" of Southern Championship Wrestling. He recently was attacked by Manny Fernandez, Rick Link, and Major DeBeers in Raleigh, NC. Natrone suffered 2nd degree burns from a flaming chair.
January, 2000-Natrone is in negotiations with the Virginia Wrestling Federation to wrestle in a Ladder match during an outdoor show in VA this summer.
October, 1999-Natrone recently captured the World Wrestling Organization Tag Team Championship with Scab. Their partnership has been on again/off again due to their classic rivalry. Who knows where this may lead to next.
September, 1999-Natrone is the SCW North Carolina Champion. He won the title in a 3-way dance between himself, Juice, and TJ Extreme in Butler, NC.
July, 1999-Natrone turned away from his rulebreaking ways to battle Preston Quinn, Roger Kerr, and James Thurstons' cronies during "Headlock On Hunger Summer of '99"... Is is now back to being a fan favorite!

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